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Schwing America, Inc has added a detachable boom option to their popular 39X concrete pump. According to Schwing, the 39X was the most successful new product launch in the company's history. The model was introduced in 1999 as the longest boom on a three-axle chassis. The detachable feature allows the four-section boom to be easily removed from the unit and relocated with a number of remote mounting options. In this configuration the boom operates with its own power pack placing concrete hundreds of feet from the pumping source. Schwing's simple quick-attach design allows multiple relocations in a single day.

The 39-meter enjoys a relatively small outrigger spread for its boom length. With a horizontal reach of 114 feet, the machine only requires 25 feet seven inches of width for set-up resulting in extremely attractive effective reach. The 39 employs Schwing X-Style outriggers that deploy telescopically to easily avoid job-site obstructions. Outrigger controls are on both sides of the machine for operator convenience and visibility. The outrigger pads are now carried on the back stabilizer for easy access.

Other features of the new model include single key access to switch from remote to manual control of the boom, one button boom reset to factory settings and a plastic water tank. Other standard features include the revolutionary Schwing Rock Valve with the lowest maintenance costs per yard, digital proportional radio remote boom controls and Generation III pump kits with a wide variety of output capabilities.

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