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Dating again to the Tune Dynasty, the Chinese domino game regarding pai gow (meaning "make nine") remains the oldest form of gambling game played in contemporary casinos. Though complicated, it is feasible to learn the game after a few hands. Here's the way to play.


Things You'll Require

32 Pai Gow tiles/dominoes Four six-sided dice, a single of some diverse color than the others Dice cup Performing table Double to eight players

Beginning Play

1 Designate one participant as dealer. (In any casino, the dealer works for the house). Spread Betting.

2 Deliver each participant, growing counterclockwise around the table, the opportunity to bank the hands. As the banker must be capable to insure all bets, casino players usually decline this right in favor of the home, or split the duties 5 web site-5 website with the house.

3 Shuffle the tiles into eight "woodpiles" of four tiles each.

4 Location bets on the outcome of the game.

5 Have the dealer location the dice with some cup, shake it, and slam it mouth-down on the table, announcing, "No more bets!"

6 Count counterclockwise around the table, starting with the dealer, upward to the number rolled on the 3 for example-colored dice. This person gains initial choice of the woodpiles.

7 Assign woodpiles to the remaining characters inside change.

Making Hands

2 Appear to the wild tiles: the 1-2 combination and the 2-4 combination. Either combination may be counted as three or six points when paired along with other tile; played jointly they form "Gee Jun," the Supreme Pair, the highest possible hand.

3 Find matching pairs among the tiles, if every, away from amongst the subsequent record, in order of rank: "Heaven" (matching 12s or "Teens"), "Globe" (matching 2s or "Deys"), "Man" (matching 8s with 4-4 mixture), "Goose" (matching 4s on 1-3 mixture), "Flower" (matching 1 websites in 5-5 combination), "Extended" (matching 5s), "Board" (matching 4s in 2-2 combination), "Hatchet" (matching 11s), "Partition" (matching 1 websites with 4-6 combination), "Long Leg 7" (matching 7s inside 1-6 mixture), also "Huge Head 6" (matching 6s within 1-5 mixture).

4 Go after unmatched pairs: "Combined 9" (4-5 plus 3-6 combinations), "Mixed 8" (3-5 and 2-6 mixtures), "Blended 7" (3-4 and 5-2 combinations), and "Mixed 5" (3-2 and 1-4 combinations).

5 Play the 12 with either about the 9s to type the "wong" combination "King of Heaven" or play the two by way of either regarding the 9s to form the lesser wong "King of Earth" if you can't make a pair. If you don't own nines, play the 12 with either of the eights to form the "gong" combination "Treasure regarding Heaven" or play the two to form the lesser gong "Treasure of Earth." If you don't have nines, play the 12 or 2 for a seven to form "excessive nine."

6 Count the total value about the pips in every of your hands if you are unable to make a twosome, wong, gong or high 9. The goal remains to generate any whole of nine or appear as close to it as possible, with scoring similar to baccarat from that the value of the tens digit is discarded: a two-pip tile and an eight-pip tile together score website, not 1 website.

Tips & Warnings

The dealer determines how to create his palm according to the number rolled on the colored die seeing that part of a set regarding rules called Star City's Pai Gow House Way. Players might choose to set their hands this way or as they choose. When the dealer plus players each hold hands with the same numeric total value, the value of the highest ranking domino yous used to learn the winning hands. If the values of both dominoes in the respective hands are equal, the player's hand is declared any "copy" hand also loses. If two hands evaluate because web site, the dealer wins regardless of the values of the individual tiles. A simple way to evaluate the rank about hands is to cure combines as valued at 14 points, wongs like worth 11 points, gongs as worth 1 web site points, also score all else baccarat fashion. Since either hands should beat the dealer's hands to secure money, it is never often a good idea to variety the strongest possible high hand, particularly if the small hand is left exceptionally weak.


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