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Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


Things You'll Need

2-in-4-inch boards Plywood Nails Hammer Saw Screws Screwdriver Measuring tape

Recommend Edits

2 Reduce 2 boards the height regarding the wall. If the wall is longer than 24 inches, reduce additional boards, hence that you contain a 2-with-4-inch panel every 16 inches.

3 Lay down the base board on the narrow side. Line up the boards lower for the height and the studs along the ground, with their butt-ends against the 4-inch side about the bottom board.

4 Screw or nail the vertical boards (height) into the bottom board, by way of the bottom of the bottom panel, using a screwdriver or hammer. Make use of 3 screws or nails for each board. Alternate the screws or nails so that that is they form a triangle, if you were to connect them in lines.

5 Remain the frame up, so that the vertical (height) boards are awake. Lay the top board over the top of the vertical boards. Screw or nail through the best board, using three nails or screws per vertical board. Alternate the nails or screws to form any triangle.

6 Measure the frame away from outside to outdoor vertically plus horizontally, using some measuring tape. Cut the plywood to the new measurements. Screw the plywood onto the frame, using any screw every 6 to 8 inches.

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